Top 10 Online Tools for Property Value Estimation in 2021

When it comes to property taxes, most people make mistakes in the valuation of their homes. Even though the assessment amount depends on the market price and the county or municipality rate, the ultimate price depends on the location, the condition of the property, the resale market, and so many other things.

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Since the actual method of calculating property taxes is so difficult, it has become mandatory for every homeowner to seek real estate professionals’ guidance, like the Flagler County property appraiser. To help you understand more, here we have discussed some of the major factors on which the values of homes depend.

  • Location: Since the valuation, rule depends on the judiciary body, a property appraiser needs to consider the house’s location. For example, the valuation rate will be of one type in Michigan while another in Delaware. Apart from this, the valuation also depends on the neighboring homes and the surroundings. Facilities present in the vicinity affect the valuation of the homes too.
  • Property condition: The valuation of the property will depend on the infrastructure and condition of the same. If the house is in poor condition, the taxation will be less than a property in advanced condition. A property appraiser will review the condition, and only then, the valuation will be done.
  • Market valuation: The market prices of different properties depending on the condition of the real estate market and the house’s size. The valuation will be done based on the market value of a property appraiser.
  • Government valuation norm: In some areas, a property appraiser will continue with the assessment based on the entire market price. In such cases, the taxations are high. In other counties or municipalities, the valuation is considered on a certain percentage of the market price.

How to Calculate Property Taxes?

Based on the property details and the taxation current rates, the real agent or the property appraiser will provide the property’s valuation. This can be done in two ways:

  • In some areas, the government allows a certain percent of the market price to be considered property value. For example, if a house costs $300,000, then as per the government rules, 50% should be the valuation price which is $150,000.
  • In some areas, the entire market price is considered the assessed value for calculating the taxes.

Once the Columbia county property appraiser provides you the valuation, a review of the deflated or inflated property will be done. After this, based on the millage rates provided by the judiciary, the tax will be calculated. Taking the above example, if the valuation price is $150,000 and the millage rate is 50, then the tax amount will be $7500.

Why Is Property Assessment Software Helpful?

Understanding the valuation is not easy, and hiring a real estate agent for the assessment has become mundane. For this reason, several individual taxpayers and professionals like property appraisers are now using different software tools for calculating property taxes. Be it for a residential property or a business one; these tax software programs have been really helpful for every user, be it the agents or the taxpayers.

Here, we have discussed the importance of using the marketing software tools for property management and assessments for a better understanding.

1.   Calculation of investment value

One of the main reasons why the number of property management tool users is increasing each day is the benefit of investment value calculation. Since the real estate property prices usually increase with years, keeping a record of the valuation will help you invest and make more profits on the property in the future.

2.   Helps in tax calculations

A property value tool will help you, along with a property appraiser, to assess the details of the home and, in turn, calculate the taxes easily. With the best online tax software in the market, you will be able to get the best valuation of your property and, in turn, get an idea of the total amount of tax you have to pay. These tools are also helpful in calculating the various tax discounts and exemptions.

3.   Helps you to track the resale values

As the house prices will increase over time, the homeowner needs to understand the resale markets’ condition. This can be easily done with property management software. Most of them will provide the user with an excellent option to easily calculate the property resale value once an entire report has been submitted.

4.   Let you get the best insurance covers

With the software tool, you will be able to get the best insurance plans for your property. Since the property insurances usually depend on the infrastructure and the market valuation, calculating the insurance premiums is easier with these tools.

Top 10 Property Assessment Tools to Use in 2021

With so many assessment and accounting software tools present in the market, you will have the ability to manage your property expenses and budget easily. Here, we have discussed the top ten software platforms that have offered accurate listing prices and other real estate properties to many users, including a property appraiser.


The first software which we will discuss here is Zillow. It is a free platform where you will be able to calculate property taxes with ease. The application software has an easy-to-use interface, so it has become so popular in the real estate market. Here, you will find a rental property or properties on sale within a chosen neighborhood easily. In fact, this particular software will also help you in calculating the neighboring home values. There is a comparison feature on the Zillow application, which has helped users get the correct valuation based on the market and the neighborhood.


Another major tax software you will find in the market is Redfin. It doesn’t matter whether you are a buyer or a seller; you will be able to get a listing of all other homes and properties with their valuation in an entire neighborhood. You can also hire a broker from Redfin, which is another comprehensive feature of this tool. You will also get a discount commission on the property values if you are partnering up with their agent. Calculating the Redfin software’s property taxes is easy as it will give you a comprehensive detail about the annual taxation and how much you need to pay for a chosen property.


Trulia is truly one of the best software platforms where the nearby properties’ valuation can be calculated without any hassle. The affordability tool present in this software will provide you a budget plan for the property. Hence, you won’t have to rely on the property appraiser anymore for the valuation. Keeping track of the property taxes and calculating the annual tax is easier with Trulia software, and hence, it has become quite popular in the market.

Even though this particular software has proven to be tedious for some users, it offers an excellent platform for valuation, property assessment, and tax calculation. This is used both by the real estate agents and the normal users for price estimation of any property within a particular neighborhood. You will be able to compare the individual listings of the nearby homes’ prices easily with You can also look for similar properties based on a price range according to your budget.

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If you choose a property in a school district in the US, the RE/MAX tool will help you get the proper valuation of the real estate structures. With this platform, you can calculate the resale price of a property registered in your name explicitly. Also, you can view the area demographics for having the best chances of getting your dream property after consulting the taxation rule with a property appraiser. Once the address is provided at the input, the tool will give you an entire map with all the nearby property valuations’ details. This will help you to get an almost accurate price and taxation estimate.


If you want an absolute survey of your chosen neighborhood, using the Eppraisal software is a great idea. Not only will the software provide you with lucrative property prices but also allow you to view the resale rates of the nearby homes, understanding the mortgage and current refinancing rates, and so on. With so many features inclusive in the application, you will get a proper approximation of the property taxes and the valuation.


At the HomeGain platform, you will get the opportunity to calculate the property value and compare it with other properties within a particular neighborhood. Its comparison software is excellent in providing a long list of rental and investment properties, thereby allowing you to choose the perfect name. For better taxation handling, you can hire a property appraiser.


CyberHomes is the most chosen no-nonsense home valuation tool for every real estate agent and normal user. The demographic data pieces provided by this software are accurate and will match the assessment details done manually. Apart from this, you will compare different properties in your desired location to get a perfect approximation. For using this application, however, you need to make an account with your mailing ID. Once the account is created, you will use its features for property taxes and value calculation.

Real estate ABC

Even though the Real Estate ABC tool provides the property values based on the results of Zillow (Zestimates), this software platform has its own set of features which are truly a boon. For example, you will compare the valuation of other neighborhood properties easily based on the infrastructure plans. With all this information present in the comparator list, you wouldn’t have to deal with the cumbersome individual listing process.  

Property Shark

The last property assessment and management tool that we will discuss here is Property Shark. Even though it has been really helpful in providing accurate estimates, its database has a limited size, and hence, all the properties might not be present in the list.


How can I get the best online property management tool?

For choosing the best online property assessment and taxation tool, you need to keep several factors in mind. For instance, you need to look at where the data units are stored. Some applications will provide you a cloud-based database, while some will offer a private tool. Make sure the software properly provides the listing and conversion rates. Look further into the features and then choose the one apt for you.

Will I get a broker from the property management software I’m using?

No, not every property management and assessment tool needs to offer you a broker. If you need one, you need to choose a tool which has their own brokers.

Does Zillow allow the users to calculate taxes?

Yes, with Zillow, you will calculate the annual taxes that you need to pay for the chosen property. 

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