About Us

Who Are We?

Oliver, a tenured property appraiser, put together Property Appraisers USA. He gathered a group of real estate agents, property experts, brokers, and even academics to put together this site. They aim to make it easy for property owners to find their homes’ value for whichever purpose they may have. 

Our story

Over our years of practice helping many property owners appraise and sell their homes, we have observed and experienced the tediousness of going around. Not knowing where to go and whom to talk to could be frustrating. Jumping from one office to another only to get a form from one office and file or pay it in another is not fun. That is why we decided to collate information from various counties’ property appraisers to build this one-stop site for you. At least, you’ll be prepared before you gear up and drive to government offices (if you still must). 

What are the common issues?

We’ve been hearing the same things for years:

  • Where should I go to get my property appraised?
  • Whom should I talk to about my property appraisal? 
  • Are there fees?
  • What are the taxes I need?

These are only a few of the typical questions property owners have on top of issues determining what forms to fill up when they need to file something. As such, we became curious: 

What if property owners have one place where they can see the address they must visit or the numbers they can call? 

What if they have a place from which they can download forms they must fill out beforehand? 

What if they have a place to check the dates of filings? 

From these questions and many other ‘what-ifs’, Property Appraisers USA was developed. 

What We Offer

We are a one-stop website. We give you steps on how to go about getting your property appraised, be it online or offline. We link you to your county’s property appraiser website, where you can download all the forms you need or even file requests online. 

You no longer have to go out aimlessly to get your property appraised. Before you even step out of your house, you could fill out the forms you need or file requests online. We make your journey to having your property appraised utterly convenient. 

Why Us?

We are experts in real property. The youngest in our team has at least five years of experience. Oliver alone prides himself with over 20 years of experience in property appraisal. As such, we understand your needs. 

We want to help you avoid the same troubles we have encountered over the years.

We want to ease your burden.

To do so, we have put together easy-to-understand and actionable guides for you divided into counties for a more straightforward navigation. We will keep updating the content to keep making life easier for every property owner out there.