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The Levy County Property Appraiser welcomes you to their Website. This site is a service to all people to get information, downloading forms, and corresponding with the staff of the Levy County PA office. He values the opportunity to serve the people of Levy County as their elected Home Appraiser. Now, if you are interested in finding the closest property appraiser to you, check out Property Appraisers.

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Levy County Property Appraiser

The Levy County Property Appraiser staff dedicates themselves to dealing with everybody with courtesy, honesty, and respect. Their public records are always open for inspection, and they continuously provide you the time needed to explain their approaches and procedures. They invite your remarks, and concerns so please do not be reluctant to email, call, or visit their workplace.

Does the Home Appraiser Levy or collect taxes? How is the property evaluated? What is a market worth? When will I understand the quantity of my tax bill? Can I challenge the appraised value of my property If I feel it is expensive? No. The Home Appraiser is neither a Taxing Authority nor a Tax Collector.

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Annual Property Evaluation


There are three separate government entities, each having distinct roles in producing your November tax bill. Initially, the Residential or commercial property Appraiser annually evaluates all residential or commercial property in the county at the marketplace value every first day of January. The Taxing Authority within the county then sets its millage rate based on the number of tax dollars necessary to money its annual budget plan.

Your property’s worth is considered each year since January 1. At least as soon as every five years, the Home Appraiser or a personnel appraiser will visit and examine each residential or commercial property. Individual property worth may change in light of sales activity or other factors impacting realty worths in your neighborhood.

After identifying a property, the Home Appraiser can base the worth of a residential. Or commercial property on sales of comparable properties. That is why Residential or commercial property Appraisers keep a precise database of realty info. And this is the sale contrast method to worth. The amendment to the Florida Constitution limits any annual increase in the evaluated value of a residential home. With a Homestead Exemption to 3 percent or the Consumer Cost Index( CPI), whichever is lower.

Enhancements Don’t Interfere with Exemptions

Throughout subsequent years, any upgrades are under the new Constitution limitations. Your exemption remains even after improvements to your residential or commercial property. All other “non-homestead” features have general caps at 10% boosts in your second year of ownership. Two different techniques utilize the assess home – the expense approach and the income technique.

If your property is not brand-new, the appraiser needs likewise to figure out how much the building has declined in time. The Levy County PA must also determine the worth of the land itself – without structures or any enhancements. The earnings approach typically carried out on commercial residential or commercial property. It needs a study of just how much earnings your property would produce. If you rent it as an apartment home, a store, an office complex, and so on.

Levy County Property Appraiser: FAQ

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????How to contact Levy County PA?

You can drive to 355 S Court St, 
Bronson FL 32621
Office Phone (352)486-5187
Email: ozbaeker@levypa.com

???? What is Levy County Property Appraiser?

The Levy County Property Appraiser is the one who examines all residential or commercial property in the county and annually evaluates the property at marketplace value every first day of January.  ❤


Contact the Levy County Property Appraiser workplace. As soon as possible if you have questions concerning your appraisal or your exemption status. Because you have rights though limited. If you are not pleased with our reaction, you may file a claim with the Assessment Modification Board. Also, you can post your comments regarding the Levy County Property Appraiser in the comment box below.

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