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The Indian River County Property Appraiser is mainly responsible for finding, locating, and fairly valuing all property within the Indian River County to assess the taxable value. It is generally done at the market value. This value is what someone would pay for the current state of the property appraised. For more about property appraisers near you, check out Property Appraisers.

indian river county property appraiser

Property inspection usually takes place at least once every five years. The property appraisers will visit several properties and inspect and value them accordingly. However, a property appraisal is not limited to just once a year. An assessment may become imperative if you want to sell the property due to other factors affecting the general real estate industry at that particular time.

A property appraisal is done strictly by qualified and certified appraisers. They inspect the property and determine its actual value, regardless of what the seller could be asking for. While determining the real value of the property, the appraiser will take a look at the interior and exterior components of the property, and the condition of the neighboring property.

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The actual process of appraising a property, however, takes different approaches based on various factors. They include:

1. Arm’s Length Transaction

The first approach is for the property appraisers to identify types of properties sold in the neighborhood, complete with the prices, terms, and conditions under which they are selling. In this regard, the appraiser will study the transaction in detail to ascertain if it.

The transaction involves a willing seller and a willing buyer. There are no incentives to influence the sale. The appraiser will also establish if the property did not stay for a longer or shorter period in the market. Such a transaction is called arm’s length transaction. Once the appraiser completes the evaluation of the properties sold in the neighborhood, they can then determine the value of the property relative to the sold properties in the community.

2. The Cost Approach

With the cost approach, the appraiser bases the appraisal on the actual cost it would take to compare with an almost identical property in the same place. This approach is suitable when the evaluation of new properties that have just been constructed. But in the case of older properties, it will be necessary for the appraiser to establish the diminishing value of the building over the years.

It means that older buildings of the identical property are likely to be appraised with a lower value than the new buildings of the same type if you use this approach. It will also be necessary for the appraisers to establish the value of the land. Without it, the property and any other improvements present therein.

3. Income Approach

The income approach is primarily for appraising commercial properties. It focuses mainly on how much the property is likely to fetch should you choose to rent it out for commercials purposes such as a store, an apartment, an office, etc.

While doing such an appraisal, the appraiser will take into consideration several factors such as, the maintenance costs, taxes and insurances, operation expenses, and profits or returns that would usually come from such types of properties. Sometimes, the future projections in the increase or decrease of such factors can incorporate when using the income approach to appraise a property.

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????What is the role of the property appraiser?

The property appraiser’s primary function is to identify, locate, and justly value all property, both personal and real, for tax purposes. The services of the appraisers are especially crucial when one wants to sell or buy some property. They help you in determining the price that most people would be willing to pay for that particular property.

????What other roles can the property appraiser do?

Apart from valuation, the property appraiser also does the following:
1. Track ownership changes to the various properties
2. Maintain current maps of the property boundaries
3. Keep the legal descriptions of the multiple properties up to date
4. Receive applications and approve individuals who are eligible for the property tax exemptions.

????What is the meaning of value property appraisal?

Market value refers to the amount at which your property could sell on the open market. The property appraiser must analyze the market transactions every year so that they can determine the best market value of properties as of the beginning of every year.

????What are property tax exemptions?

Property tax exemptions refer to a relief given to certain types of property, where they may not be charged any tax, or they can pay slightly lower rates are compared to other types of properties.


The property appraiser’s primary role is to identify, locate, and justly value all property, both personal and real, for tax purposes. Should you want to determine the value of your property, you can use their services. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please leave us a message in the comment section below.

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