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Property Appraiser for Columbia County, through the Florida Constitution, Jeff Hampton is responsible for setting reasonable and fair estimates for the county. Before we discuss any further detail, you can check out Propertyappraisers for more information on other property appraisers.

columbia county property appraiser

The property appraiser is responsible for identifying, finding, and setting a fair value on all property. Both genuine and individual, inside the district for tax purposes. The “market” price of the actual estate depends on the present land showcase. Finding the “market” price of your property involves finding the price a great many people would pay for the property. Deciding on a reasonable and fair value of properties is the primary task of the office.

The appraiser doesn’t set the value. Individuals make the property value by purchasing and selling land in the commercial center. The appraiser has the legitimate duty to examine those exchanges and evaluate your property.

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Property Appraiser Taxes

To continue the delivery of social services and other functions in Columbia County, nearby governments need income. Your property taxes fund services such as government-funded training, law implementation, fire security, road support, park, and entertainment territories, and other government services.


The Property Appraiser’s Office doesn’t decide your taxes. The different taxing specialists set the yearly fee or mileage rate.

Columbia County taxing specialists incorporate the city and area commissions, the educational committee, water the board areas, the modern improvement authority, and the medical clinic authority. When the tax rate set, it is applied to your property estimation. At that point, your property tax is figured.

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Columbia County Florida Records

The Columbia County Courthouse office comes up with the latest records. You have a privilege under Florida’s Public Records Law to investigate these records. Should you need help with these records, please don’t hesitate to stop by their office and ask for assistance.

In October of every year, the office guarantees the County Tax moves to the Tax Collector. The rolls contain information such as the name and mailing address of the proprietor, the parcel identification number, the lawful depiction, the surveyed worth and exclusions for the property, and the measure of taxes due.

These records utilized to make the charges that are sent out by November 1 every year. Taxing specialists set the Mileage Rate considered with the assessment to ascertain the taxes for the year. Once paid, the Tax Collector distributes the funds to gather to the Taxing Authorities.

From there, the funds used to provide services for the residents of Columbia County. The Tax Collector’s Office devoted to providing residents of the County with the most present data accessible. We also endeavor to provide helpful information on the web and in-person.

Columbia County Property Search

The province assessor must evaluate and survey all genuine property between the first Monday in January and the first day of July (ACA 26-26-1101). On and after 1 January 1991, taxpayers will yearly evaluate their distinct individual property for promotion Valorem taxes from January 1 through May 31 (ACA 26-26-1408).

The taxable substantial particular property of new residents and new organizations set between January 1 and May 31. Residents gain a distinct individual property from January 1 through May 31. Aside from that, the substantial personal property obtained from May 2 through May 31 will be assessable without misconduct inside thirty (30) days following the date of its securing.

Property Taxing Procedure

The procedure for taxing genuine property starts with the acquisition of property. Then, a deal closed, the Clerk of Superior courts’ office in Evans, Georgia, records it. The Tax Assessor’s office then appoints value to the property, and an assessment notice sent to every individual property proprietor in May or June of the following year. The property proprietor will then have a certain period to offer the doled out worth.

Meanwhile, when the intrigue procedure period has finished, a tax digest accumulates. The tax digest is an official posting of all property proprietors in the region, the surveyed estimation of the property they possess, and the taxes required on the property. Tax digest is the focal archive of the tax office.

It is a finished posting of property proprietors, their road addresses, legitimate addresses, property areas, exclusions, assessments, and taxes due. After that, the overview submitted to the State Department of Revenue for endorsement by the Director of the Property Tax Division.

After approval by the Columbia County Commissioner, bills arranged and then sent out during the first week of September. The assessor requires to keep up current examination and assessment records by ensuring that essential field information and factors.

Causing changes in valuations as they happen in land use and upgrades reflected. Therefore, he/she is responsible for the remaining comparison of all exchanges inside the area. As well as keeping an updated record on all properties.


???? Does the property appraiser toll or gather taxes? 

No. The property appraiser evaluates all property in the area and is neither a taxing authority nor a tax-gatherer.

???? How is the property assessed? 

Once in a while, the property appraiser or a staff appraiser will visit and investigate every property. Notwithstanding, individual property estimations might be balanced between visits considering deals movement or different variables that influence land prices in your neighborhood. Deals of comparable properties are solid pointers of significant worth in the land market.

???? What is the market price?

Florida Law necessitates that the simple estimation of all property is resolved every year. The Supreme Court of Florida has announced “simply value” to be legitimately synonymous with “full money worth” and “honest evaluation.”

????‍♂️What does a property appraiser do?

The property appraiser is responsible for identifying, finding, and reasonably esteeming all property, both genuine and individual, inside the region for tax purposes.


The records of the province assessor’s office comprise the report of or evaluation of the taxable property and people in the district. Along these lines, it is essential that they be precisely recorded and very much kept. You are welcome to visit the county office anytime you need help within working hours. If you have more information about the Columbia County proper appraiser, leave us a message below.

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